Let’s see…I am a wife and a mommy. I am blessed to have a very handsome and supportive husband, Nicholas. Together we are the proud parents to two of the cutest little boys, Kole and Karson…Just 13 months and 13 days apart! And we just added two new additions to our family…Two kittens, Lucy and Lola.  🙂  I adore my family and while they keep me VERY busy, I will always find time for another love, photography.

Shortly after Kole was born, I realized how quickly time passes and how fast moments come and go. And like most moms, I found myself scribbling down every little detail, hoping to remember it forever. I also began picking up my camera more often, again trying to capture all of those precious memories. With a camera in hand, I followed my boys around snapping pictures while they discovered the world around them.

With each picture I learned something different and couldn’t wait to take my next picture. I started experimenting with backgrounds, light and how the time of day determined the outcome of my pictures. My subjects were always my boys and they soon got tired of a camera in their faces every day, all day. So I moved on to friends and their children. And soon enough, friends of friends were asking me to take pictures of their families. I couldn’t get enough…And soon what started as an interest, became a passion.

Many laugh, but while shooting, I often tell them to ‘have a moment.’ I have come to realize that the very best pictures are not posed, directed or rehearsed, but instead, those captured during real moments.

I have been able to capture precious, once in a life time memories with so many beautiful people. And now, I would be honored to capture yours.

You have a moment…I’ll make sure you remember it forever.

-Krissy Alexander

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Krissy Alexander
Spring, TX


22 Responses to “HOW IT ALL GOT STARTED”

  1. Aimee Says:

    I heart your new site. I think the photos are great.

  2. Jason Burke Says:


    The pics look great. I think this is very exciting and I am excited for you! I wonder if you can make me look that good too?!

  3. Tera Says:

    these pictures are amazing!! i want you to do some pics of my boys!!

  4. Diann Says:

    Krissy, The pictures are so great. You are going to do very well in what you are doing. The Alexanders are very photogenic anyway, so you have lots to practice on. Love all of them. Good Luck and hope to see you soon.

  5. LJ Says:

    You are amazing!!!! All I can think of to say is…..ROAD TRIP!!!!!

  6. Sarah Says:

    You are blessed with a wonderful talent! Your pics are fantastic!

  7. Bob Smith Says:

    Hey Krissy–

    I love your new blog and will be checking it from time to time to see the latest work you have done. I forecast this will become much more than a hobby as the work you have done thus far is really really good.


  8. Sabrina Says:

    I’m one of Aimee’s friends. Your pictures make me want to have another baby RIGHT NOW!!! (And I have a handful of a 7 mo-old, so that’s saying something!) The pictures are amazing!!! Congratulations and best of luck!!!

  9. Stephanie Bayless Says:

    It is said that everyone has a niche for something and I believe that other than being an amazing mother and wonderful person this is yours. You are going to be booked months in advance with this kind of talent and vision. Capturing Real moments realy does a memory make!!!! I am proud of you . Stephanie

  10. Grandpa Mick and Lila Says:

    Krissy: Great Pictures! We both enjoyed all of them. You are doing super work! Sounds like you are stepping into a career of Photograhy! Best of luck. We love you, Grandpa and Lila

  11. Martha Mick Says:

    I love the pictures! I could not be more proud. You really know how to capture more than just “a picture.” These are “moments” everyone wants to share with others.

  12. Ron Mick Says:

    Obviously this is the beginning of something special for you, your family and your clients. Congratulations and keep the passion!!

    Love, Dad

  13. Tracy Boxler Says:

    Krissy, these are beautiful. Can’t wait to see more. Guess who I will be using for my next family picture?!

    Love ya!

  14. Lindy Says:

    Krissy – wow!
    Beautiful, beautiful moments captured by my beautiful
    little sweetie heart niece. To quote one of the others – you ROCK!
    And I bet you could make Jason look good 🙂

  15. Papa Says:

    If you can make Jason look good I will hire you….

    Uncle Ron

  16. Cheri Hutcherson Says:

    Hi Krissy!

  17. Cheri Hutcherson Says:

    Hi Krissy! I am a supplier of goods to UTLX. I have a son 2 years old that I love to have photographed, so Nicholas sent me your blog… I am sooo impressed! I think I am quite particular and your work is amazing. You are indeed blessed with the gift of photography. I hope that you will take my son’s pictures one day! Thanks for the blog, I enjoy watching your updates! Cheri Hutcherson

  18. Jennifer Says:

    Wow, Krissy! What stunning pictures! My mother told me about your photography and I had to come see.

    Way to go!


  19. LJ Says:

    The pics are terrific!!! Everyone is SSSOOOOOO pleased!!! We will get with you about ordering!!! Thanks, Sweetie!!!

  20. Marque Mooney Says:

    Oh my goodness Krissy you are sooooo good. I love your photographs and your website. My how Kole and Karson have grown. The boys are just as beautiful as their mom and dad (- and their Papa and Mimi). I will be checking back to watch your progress now that I’ve found your website. Congratulations and good luck.

    – m

    I hope you get the chance to get some pictures some day of that wild bunch from Utah.

  21. Adaire Says:

    I love your pictures so much your awsome!

    love you,

  22. David Says:

    Your good!

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