Hello world!


Let’s see…I am a wife and a mommy. I am blessed to have a very handsome and supportive husband, Nicholas. Together we are the proud parents to two of the cutest little boys, Kole and Karson…Just 13 months and 13 days apart! I adore my family, and while they keep me VERY busy, I will always find time for another love, photography.

Shortly after Kole was born, I realized how quickly time passes and how fast moments come and go. And like most moms, I found myself scribbling down every little detail, hoping to remember it forever. I also began picking up my camera more often, again trying to capture all of those precious memories. With a camera in hand, I followed my boys around snapping pictures while they discovered the world around them.

With each picture I learned something different and couldn’t wait to take my next picture. I started experimenting with backgrounds, light and how the time of day determined the outcome of my pictures. My subjects were always my boys and they soon got tired of a camera in their faces every day, all day. So I moved on to friends and their children. 🙂 And soon enough, friends of friends were asking me to take pictures of their families. I couldn’t get enough…And soon what started as an interest, became a passion.

Many laugh, but while shooting, I often tell them to ‘have a moment.’ I have come to realize that the very best pictures are not posed, directed or rehearsed, but instead, those captured during real moments.

I have been able to capture precious, once in-a-lifetime memories with so many beautiful people. And now, I would be honored to capture yours.

You have a moment…I’ll make sure you remember it forever.



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