Our best yet!

Okay, so I’ve been taking Abby’s pictures since she was born…And I swear she stopped being amused by me VERY early on!  She sees the camera and looks in the other direction OR she refuses to smile!!!  (Sounds a lot like two little boys in my house!)   Well, Amber and I have been planning on getting together for a couple of months now, but being limited on ‘pretty’ light outside (very early in the morning or right before sunset) in the summer, she isn’t awake yet or it interferes with bedtime…SO we decided to just try and get some shots even if the light wasn’t perfect.  And I’m thrilled to say, I think these may be our best pictures yet!  (She thought I was funny this time!)  🙂 


3 Responses to “Our best yet!”

  1. amber Says:

    Love them, Love them, love them! Cannot wait to get them up on my walls! 🙂

  2. Gene & Carol Says:

    I believe you could be right, these are the best. Although all the others have been great too, of course. A/K/A MeMa & PePa

  3. Liz Says:

    These are sooooo good! I know I wold have a hard time picking for the walls. I LOVE the first pic! And the 2nd one from the bottom looks like she is a little model posing for her pic!

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