And my big boy…

Here’s an old picture of my big boy…When he was just a baby.  I was going through old pictures and found this one.  It’s one of my favorites for a couple of reasons…1)He still has his passy and his blankie had just started falling apart…Both his passy and blankie mark the time for me. 2) And because he’s so little!  He’ll be three in just two weeks.  It’s true when they say, ‘Enjoy them.  Time passes so quickly.’  I feel like this picture was just taken yesterday…It was taken two years ago. 

Now I have the cutest story from tonight…

You have to know that Kole is in his best mood around 9 at night!  He is the world’s BEST child once he’s been put to bed (which is followed by him getting up a dozen times and us going in and out of his room another dozen times just to spend time with him while he watches a movie…Yes, he gets to watch a movie every night!)…But my point, he’s happy, sweet, lovey dovey, complimentary…You name it, he’s everything precious!  No grumpy attitude and no fits!

Okay, back to my story…

First, I was sitting at the computer when Kole came in the room (he had gotten out of his bed).  He came over to me and said, ‘Mommy, I have to tell you something…I love you so much.’  Then he wrapped his little arms around me and hugged me and kissed me!  All his idea!  Of course, I kissed his face a million times and told him how much I loved him too.  He ran out of the room…Just to run back in and say, ‘I forgot something…I forgot to give you another kiss.’  So I got another kiss! 

So I’m still on cloud nine from all the sweetness from earlier when…

We were in Kole’s room…Just the two of us.  I was putting together Julie’s CD and he was in bed watching Dora.  Dora was talking about ‘what makes her happy…her backpack, singing, etc…’ and Kole said, ‘Mommy, you know what makes me happy…You.’  Aaaawwwwww.  My heart melted.  And I attacked him with lots and lots of kisses!  🙂


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