Which one do you like the best?


8 Responses to “VOTE!”

  1. Liz Says:

    I really like this pic in B&W. I think I like the bottom one or the top one the best.

  2. krissyalexander Says:

    Thanks! I want to go back a edit ALL of my past pictures, but because my new editing takes a little longer, I can’t! BUT for those of you that are commenting so often, I am going to take a handful of pictures I have taken for you in the last year, edit them (again using my new skills!) and get them to you on a CD. 🙂 So much to do!

  3. Sabrina Says:

    I vote #4. Not sure why, but I like it the best!

  4. amber Says:

    I’m having a hard time with this one… I think 2 or 4…

  5. Papa Says:

    Number 3….it is the best….

    All of them (both boys) are great….wow!! I miss them….coming home soon!!

  6. krissyalexander Says:

    This is so funny…No one agrees on which one is best! Every single person has a different favorite!

  7. Sabrina Says:

    Okay, I think I want to change my vote to #2. I like that it’s a teensy bit darker in the shadows. This is a great photo!

  8. Amber Nicole Says:

    Krissy….by far, #4 is the BEST!! It’s way more artistic, raw and real! I love it, love it, love it the best out of all your pictures. Do not try to fix it or soften it because it is perfect just the way it is! Do you hear me? 🙂

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