Stiggins Family

Last night, Jeff, Amber and Abby drove to me to take family pictures.  After an hour drive, I think they were over pictures before we even started!  We met at one park, but there were one MILLION people around, so we drove to another spot I had heard about.  We loved a little ‘area’ we found, but the lighting wasn’t quite right.  So we hopped from one spot to another…Avoiding shadows from the trees on faces.  We finally found a few spots, but Miss Abby wanted NOTHING to do with the camera or her mommy and daddy holding her.  She was only interested in the rocks, sticks and anything else on the ground…Which never involved her looking in my direction.  I even tried singing!!!  (Sorry Amber and Jeff!)  And she wasn’t impressed with my skills!  🙂  And to top it off, we lost Jeff’s glasses.  😦 

If Amber’s anything like me, I usually leave a session (with my own boys who HATE the camera) thinking, ‘If we just get one good one…I’ll be happy.’ 

So here you go, Amber…












6 Responses to “Stiggins Family”

  1. Amber Says:

    I’m really impressed considering how difficult she was being!! I love the last 3 and the one of her kissing my cheek is adorable. I really like the family pictures (I just wish Abby would have smiled!).

  2. Amy Finney Says:

    These are great, I love them all! What a beautiful family! I wish we lived closer, I’d have you take our family pictures!!!

  3. Liz Says:

    You got more than just one good one! Love the last 3 pics of Abby and the first family pic is my fav! Great work Krissy!

  4. Sabrina Says:

    The one with Abby kidding Amber’s cheek is my favorite, too!!! They are fantastic!!! Way to go!

  5. Gene & Carol Says:

    Sounds like this shoot was hard work on all of you. We think the pictures are great and you did an excellent job with ALL of them being “one good one”. (Except for where ever Jeff left his glasses!)

  6. Vickie Says:

    Excellent job Krissy! Abby kissing her Momma and the one of her laughing are my favorites. I also think the one where the 3 of them are walking along the path is very good (the unposed look).

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