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The big boys

February 18, 2009

Here are Kole and Kade visiting with Fernando.  🙂


And Karson…The only one I did not get a picture with Fernando.  😦  BUT this is a super cute picture of my little boy…Way before the LOUD monkeys (that scared him)…The only picture I got with him outside of the wagon.  Once the monkeys scared him, he WOULD NOT get out of his wagon!  And he just wanted to go home. 


And then post monkeys…In the wagon, with his blankie, pouting because I said we weren’t going home yet. 



The girls

February 18, 2009

Here are the two little girls and the goat, Fernando. 




And this is a familar face to my blog…Amber’s little girl, Abby or “Baby Abby” as she is referred to in our house.  🙂 


My snuggle bug…

February 16, 2009

These are three of the many zoo pictures I hope to post.  My Ali…My snuggle bug.  She LOVES me 🙂 and when she sees me she ALWAYS wiggles to get out of her mommy’s arms, walks over to me, raises her arms up and snuggles right into me as soon as I pick her up.  🙂  It drives her mommy crazy! 





February 16, 2009

Well…I’m working on getting a new blog up and I have COMPLETELY neglected this one!  The new one should be up in about a week or so…Maybe not completely finished, but enough that I can start handing out that address instead of this one. 

For now…Two of my best friends, Liz and Amber, went with me and my kiddos to the zoo last Thursday.  We had SO much fun!  Here’s a picture of all of our kids lined up, looking at the monkeys…I think.   

Five little friends.  🙂