My beautiful niece :)

Lindsey had her eighth grade dance last night.  As promised, I headed to Katy yesterday afternoon to help Lindsey and her friends get ready for their dance.  We (I) had so much fun…We talked about boys 🙂 and ate food…And of course, did hair and make-up.  The girls had to be at the school by 8 and I think we left the house at 7:51!!!!  But it was so worth it…Look at how beautiful Lindsey looked.  And more importantly, she has a FABULOUS time. 






3 Responses to “My beautiful niece :)”

  1. Sarah Says:

    They had so much fun getting ready. Thanks for helping them all to be beautiful! 🙂

  2. Mimi Says:

    WOW! Papa, Shirley and I thought you looked so beautiful! I loved that blue dress. You looked gorgeous. Krissy you did a great job with the hair and make-up.

  3. krissyalexander Says:

    She does look beautiful…But Sarah gets a lot of credit for her hair. She curled it…I just did my thing after it was all curled! Froofed? That’s what I did…I froofed it! 🙂

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